Ip address change


governmet filter from our justic department.


It should operate soon, we are just waiting for the DNS to resolve now which can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

There is only one sign of it so far… we just need to wait :slight_smile:


ok thanks,
im waiting and will let u know if i face to any problem.
can u run mr last domain name too?(dastvarzco.site90.com)


what shall i do to prevent of cases like this?
government filter and isp restriction.


Maybe try alternative DNS like Google to see if that works?



my windows is 8.1 and i have changed my network dns in mentioned numbers for freenom.com DNS:
are they right ?


You can use FreeNom DNS or Google DNS to see if this aids you in loading sites better.

The numbers you gave are correct yes for FreeNom DNS


ok thanks to give me your time.


Custom domain is working here now.

It may take time still to roll out to other locations.


thanks for your massage again.
i cant access here right now,im checking and will let u know.


Hi @masoud1361

It’s working fine on my side. Clear your browser cache and try again.

If it doesn’t help please post a screenshot


hi gays
my website is rising up in my google crome browser in cell but it doent rise in my pc google crome browser.
can u explane for me it*s reason?


Try pressing Ctrl+f5 on your browser in pc.
It might work


If CTRL+F5 doesn’t work run software like CCleaner which will clear your DNS cache else use cmd.exe to clear it manually
"ipconfig /flushdns"


dear guys
thanks for your hepls,its working good right now.


hi guys
how can i protect my website from government filtration?
when im building any website,government is making filtration.
can u guide me?


Your only choice is to use a VPN :slight_smile:


hi guys
my website name here is dastvarztrading.000webhostapp.com
how can i access to my website ip address?


Free websites do not have an IP address :confused: