IP Address for Type A DNS


I need a IP address to set up DNS. CNAME is already done.
My address is: jointhemkt.000webhostapp.com

Looking forward the answer ASAP.

Thank you


Any tutorials that relate to your domain registrar?


Thanks for the answer, but CNAME is already done and it works perfectly. Anyway, I REALLY need an IP address because I need to redirect my domain without “www” to your servers, and it is an A DNS.
Please, give me an IP address


Ah I see who is your domain registrar?


Will you give an IP address?


Due the lack of response, I will cancel my free account and I will not recommend this hosting service to anyone, including myself for a premium account.


There is no IP for website because of cloud infrastructure of 000webhost.

Use domain parking (see tutorial posted above) if you want to use naked domain with 000webhost.


I had an website hosted on this service before which I set up and it worked perfectly. I tried to upload a change to my site only to find it was no longer available. It is a shame that your company did not see fit to advise me by email that the system was changing.
I have set up a new domain for the site on here but I have the same problem, my domain account at Zen Internet requires an IP Address for their A record.
Do I just delete the reference to your original IP addresses or what, there is little help on here to tell me what to do.


Use name servers to point towards 000webhost:-

After updating nameservers on your domain dns…then park your domain at 000webhost.
“Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Park Domain”


Many thanks for your response.
The nameservers are already pointed at yours since they were set that way when I had my previous site hosted with you. In addition I have already parked my domain. Maybe i should wait the 24-48 hours for the data to propagate.
However the Zen A record still points at your old IP address
should I remove this data from the A record?


Remove all records apart from the nameservers yes.


Thank you.
I’ve removed the data and added a CNAME record pointing the domain at townrow.000webhostapp.com.
I’ll wait for a while and see whether this allows the

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