IP + Nameservers



I want to connect my domain to 000webhost servers but I need not only the NS but the IP as well.
where can I find this information?



Hi @sbp90!

000webhost does not support direct IP connections to your website… If you want to link your domain to your website please choose either to park your domain, either to point it using CNAME records…


I have already updated the NS address at the domain provider but it also asks for host-name (IPs)
what should I do now?


Please choose CNAME pointing instead… Also, what is your domain registrar?


You can ask your domain support to update nameservers for you.

can you post screenshot of your DNS panel?


registrar is www.box.co.il



I dont have the ability to add CNAME in this cpanel only NS


Have you cross checked that you are updating nameservers on the right place?

You can also contact your domain support to update nameservers for you.


This is the only place I can update the NS


But… maybe that place is not for Name Servers

I think you should contact your registrar and ask them to update your Name Servers…


I see, but that area seems for “A” records only.

Have you contacted your domain support?


Try leaving the IP text boxes empty :slight_smile:


I think that this is what I will do and see if it works. if not I will contact my registrar.

Thanks all


Let us know, if your issue is solved or not


It didnt work.
My domain is redirecting to my subdomain at 000webhost instead of stay at the domain and show the website


Please go to Wordpress cPanel > Settings > General > and change all URLs to http://www.water-world.co.il


Hi, Its not what I meant.

If you go to http://www.water-world.co.il the url in address bar is change to the https://sagibp90.000webhostapp.com/ instead of stay at http://www.water-world.co.il.

Why is that?


It’s because of Wordpress settings. Please do as I suggested you and everything will work as expected :wink:


The wordpress site was just a test. I’ve deleted it
My relevant website (html) is hosted in folder “1”