IS 000webhost gonna shutdown in 2 months?


IS 000webhost gonna shutdown in 2 months? i received an email.


It’s hostinger free plans, not 000webhost :slight_smile:
000webhost is going nowhere :wink:

Let me explain:
Hostinger had a free plan before, but then the people at Hostinger had the idea to separate free and paid plans.
So here we are, paid plans are now on Hostinger and its servers, and free plans are now on 000webhost (the child company of hostinger) and its servers.
That way, free plans bugs won’t affect paid plans and vice versa, and this will allow paid users to have more stability :slight_smile:


As above… and made clear in the email HOSTINGER FREE HOSTING which is completely separate is being discontinued…


Can I transfer free plan Domain name ******** from Hostinger to


The hosting yes, the domain no.