Is 000webhost the reason my website stopped sending emails?


I was testing the mailing system of my website. I think I did way too many tests ( I sent about 30 emails) just to check that my website is sending the emails in the correct format (I was refining them)

However suddenly my website stopped sending emails. The code hasn’t changed and I’m honestly afraid it’ll stay like this forever (I’ve been working on the website for so long).

Any words of wisdom concerning this?


When did the issues start? :slight_smile:


about 3 hours ago the emails stopped being sent and received


We have disabled the mail() function due to spammers. This may be related. Sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning: We’ll have the issues fixed soon. :slight_smile:


thank you! I hope it’s resolved today? I have my project demo in front of an audience tomorrow!


The PHP mail() function will not be enabled any time soon according to our developers, due to a high volume of spammers as @hexa said. If you need to have it enabled for your project, I suggest that you quickly upgrade to premium hosting where the feature is enabled (otherwise your project won’t work, and we wouldn’t want that)!

When you upgrade, you can contact Hostinger support using live chat and give them your 000webhost information, and they will migrate the site free of charge. Then you can get right to your presentation!