Is a Dynamic DNS Possible on 000WebHost?


I wanted to know, if there was any possible way to make a Dynamic DNS on My Free Account.
By that i mean a website which can get my current IP address and Map that to its domain. Eg: myddns.000webhostapp will redirect to my IP address, Is this Possible on 000WebHost???


@Abdul-Ahad7267 Sorry that’s not possible, as there is no fixed IP for any website.


No, I don’t need a fixed IP for my website. I just want to set up a DDNS… A DDNS will just map MY IP address to the websites domain which is fixed … So I can just go to My website, and it would redirect me to my current IP address of my machine.

I would need some kind of client running on my machine tho… That will send updates to the website whenever the IP of my machine change s, but I just want to know if this is even possible


It’s possible on the Premium service and maybe other providers but you don’t get DNS control on the free panel unless it’s something you could do via your registrar