Is anyone there? xD


Hi Webhost family,

I have achieved success as a foreign user.
I want to state that I do not speak English.
The moon has just begun and is about to be filled.
what measures should be taken?
If I can not find a solution, I will buy pro when discounted.
because my trip is not missing at all.

21 days and traffic %40 left.



Hi @Www.Bugpoint.ML

What is the exact problem you face?


What is up with this bugpoint? @xerath @Zavira @Matevizer

You’ve used half of your bandwidth in ten days because you are getting a lot of traffic.

This is a reason to go premium instead using free hosting.



I know that. 'Senior member’
the passwords of the accounts you listed above are forgotten.
Except, this acc.
I just want advice from experienced people, please.
Decrease codes, decrease page content.
I am waiting for suggestions like this, but it’s better.


@Infinity is very experienced with the 000webhost platform, as am I. He is saying that over the course of 21 days you have used 55% of your allotted 10GB of bandwidth. This means that you or any visitors to your site have connected many, many times.

In short, this is free hosting and there are limits, as explained when you signed up. Upgrading to premium hosting removes this limit (so you won’t have to worry about filling up the circle before the month ends)