Is it possible to make blacklist to whitelist?


HI there
i wanted to make another web store related to iphone and its case related web but i couldnt add my iphone domain to the add domain section.can you please help me to progress further.


Anyone help me!I like to start my web asap.pls help


What is your domain name?


I messaged it to you


Was your issue resolved?


I messaged my domain name to Akhil but not yet resolved.i LL send it to you as well for your reference.


No problem I have whitelisted it hopefully you’ll have no issues now adding it to your account


Thank you very much, really appreciated.


Another issue I got:when I changed ns to webhost it shows https error ,when I changed ns to CloudFlare it shows main registry page which is unireg.
What can I do?
Help plan.


Follow this tutorial: