Is the Free SSL actually free

Is the Free SSL on the ‘Single Hosting’ free for the 4 years (if I sign up) or is there further costs down the line… Also not very savvy with DNS etc

Yes it comes included with Hostinger plans :slight_smile:
If you need more information please ask away.

Also ~ I have a URL through ~ can I/do I apply the SSL to that?

So onepayment and nothing else to pay for 4 years … is that correct?
My finger is poised ready to sign up if the answer is appropriate :slight_smile:

Yes one payment today will cover 4 years of hosting and nothing for the next 4 years :slight_smile:

SSL is currently included for free I can see with the plans and it is one click activation after pointing domain to Hostinger.

When this isn't bundled you can still manually setup SSL.

You can use CloudFlare for free to grab SSL / HTTPS with Hostinger it will be easier than setting up with 000webhost.

Your domain > Point to CloudFlare > Point to Hostinger