Is there something wrong with mysql host:


I also cannot access my website anymore ( I didnt change anything to any login details or anything at all for the last 1 month and it was working without problems. Just today I noticed that I get an error “Error establishing a database connection”

seems like is down. please check

P.S. I can access my ftp through filezilla.



Yes, I am. I can access the database through the admin and make queries but I cannot access it in the browser.


Is anyone else still having this issue? I’ve tried all three methods for connecting to the database using PHP in the tutorials and none of them work. I’m always getting the same error message as the other people in this post. My mysql database host is also, so at this point I’m thinking it’s not a coincidence.


Can you provide a screenshot of your database page?


Screenshot attached…


Are you able to try this tutorial out using the information from your screenshot?


I actually had to use a different email address to create a new account to get the issue resolved. My old account was bringing me to this old cpanel, and I guess that’s where the problem was because I can connect with the same code in my new account (with the connection information updated, of course) no problem.