Is this web site Live?


I was told that this site cannot be seen overseas.For example in USA. How is it that I can see it up and running locally. But my overseas friends say they cannot see it, when they pull up .Here is the site . ( Can anyone in Europe or USA tell me if they can see this.
This is puzzling me . Could I get some feedback?


Well it’s working here in Asia :slight_smile:


thanks for your info . I appreciate that.


I’m from europe and I can access your website! :slight_smile:



Try it in USA


Hi @david12347!

Make sure their network provider does not block * URLs.

Otherwise some parts of internet are broken. Please try again later. Eventually suggest them to use a proxy to access your site.


Hey! I can access your website here, however I used a VPN. :slight_smile:


It is 100% ok in europe :ok_hand:


BTW I recommend you to center your google header ad :slight_smile: