Issue: domain already in use

000webhost site:
godaddy owned domain: ajajulian(dot)com
email address of old & new 000webhost account: aja.julian@gmail

I had a 000webhost site years back that pointed to the godaddy domain (ajajulian(dot)com), and through time + neglect I no longer have access to my older 000webhost account.

I tried to login with the email address I used before (aja.julian@gmail), and attempted to reset the password, but no email came through. I was able to sign-up for a new account, with the same email address (aja.julian@gmail), that managed my old account.

With my new 000webhost account, with the same email address, it says the domain (ajajulian(dot)com) is already in use–I’m assuming the old account is still running around like a ghost somewhere mucking things up.

I’ve logged into GoDaddy to re-set and repointed the DNS to the 000webhost nameservers, which were still in place. After reading through the forums, it looks like an admin on the 000webhost end is going to have to dig up the old site and trash it so I can point to my new site.


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here’s a screenshot showing the pointed DNS stuff, couldn’t post more than one image in my post since I’m new.


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Hey try parking it now please?

All linked for you :slight_smile: