Issues when i use my editor


How comes i cant use phpdesigner when i want to edit my files?


Can you please explain further for us to understand?


I use phpdesigner for edit my php and htlm files.

sometimes can i save 2 to 3 times only

i get this info
[Data socket] Connected:


Okay, can you screenshot the errors please?


This is the popup with error

this is my settings


Did you connect using the correct username and password?



as i said its works sometimes.

I can load and edit and maybe save 2 to 3 times then i get this issues


I can use ftp program without issues
I use FlashFXP


@alessa are you still facing the same??
Presently there are no issues with FTP.
Since it’s not related to 000webhost, we can’t help you much in this.
May be you should contact the developer of that program.


I have no issues on other webhost.
Its only here i have this issues
I dont have any problems with fpt program i use. its only when i use my editor.


As @akhilkumar332 said, this editor is not offered by 000webhost.
Please do ask the developer of this software.