Issues With Freenom Domains


Recently, 000webhost clients (along with website owners across the internet) have been reporting issues with the use of free domains which were obtained from Many users use these free domain names (such as .ga, .gq, .cf, .ml, and .tk) in order to create their personal and business websites without having to pay for more expensive domains.

Unfortunately, Freenom’s policy has changed and they now require that anyone wishing to access free domains must use their free DNS resolution service. This is an unprecedented change in policy, however since the user agreement is always subject to revision, it has to be respected.

As stated before, one way to continue accessing websites which make use of free domains is to update your DNS to Freenom’s new DNS resolver. A tutorial on how to do so is linked below (simply find the correct tutorial for your operating system and replace the numbers in the tutorial with and

However, this could cause other issues with other websites and may slow down your internet performance, so it’s not the recommended option.

If you’re looking to work around this issue permanently, your best option is to look into buying a professional domain from an accredited registrar. There are many cheap providers, such as GoDaddy and Namecheap, but as it stands, Hostinger is the cheapest provider for the best domain extensions there are.

Once you purchase a domain, your next step is to point your new, professional domain to 000webhost so your new domain can serve as the home for all of your websites and files. Another tutorial on how to do just that is linked below.

Finally, we’d like to express our sorrow for this unfortunate change. Rest assured, 000webhost and Hostinger have no affiliation with Freenom, and this is not any sort of moneymaking campaign. We simply believe in the best for our customers and want to make sure that there is no confusion whatsoever. Thank you. responding

thank you for providing this information, i really need this


Muitíssimo obrigado por avisar já estou a 3 dias tentando resolver o problema. e não consegui nada. agora vejo o porque.

Excelente trabalho equipe 000webhost


Unfortunately this is not the only problem. Also using free domain from causes other problem. Basically freenom.dom redirect you to normal 000webhost website. This will cause problem with responsibility of your website. So if your website isn’t responsive please check your domain.
P.S All of this are from my personal experience.


Yo no puedo acceder a mi panel de control, no puedo iniciar sesion, solamente dice “Conecting to server…” y no pasa de ahi, ya llevo horas intentando entrar, ya reinicie la computadora y utilice el dns y nada


How about now? :slight_smile: