Jan 29- Since morning, my website shows HTTP error 500

This is my website. Since today morning, my website is not working. Whenever I open the website linked to that, it shows me and as well as others as ‘HTTP ERROR 500’.

Please reply back with solutions. Thanks in advance.

Hi @journo

Add following code to your .htaccess file in root directory and try again.

php_value display_errors 1

Thanks bro. But can you please help me with the procedure. I developed the website through wordpress.

Alright hit the upload files button in your cpanel then hit upload files now you will be presented with many files click on the htaccess one then paste this line on the first line of it.

Thanks bro, but not working… Still displaying the same message

Any other idea to get back mysite

NOt working bro… ANy other suggestions

Try now please :slight_smile:

yea, added bro. Still it shows HTTP ERROR 500.

Sometimes, while reloading, another pop-up,‘Bad Gateway’-502 appears.

Any solutions bro?

I think I’ve solved the 502 error, not looked into 500 error currently, what happens if you rename your .htaccess to .testht

The same appears as ‘HTTP ERROR 500’

Is there any file generated called ERROR_LOG?

Nope bro. There is now such file

Issue has been solved bro. There was a little error in script bro. Solved that bro. thanks everyone


@journo nice to see your problem fixed :slight_smile:

If you have further more questions, create new topic :wink: