Javascript and owl.carousel.min.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server


Hi I just uploaded my website on 000webhost on my local host I get no errors and everything works fine.

But on 000webshost my Carousel does not work and all my js.

Website Link:

Need help to solve this please



I get this errors.


404 means it isn’t uploaded.


I know this,
how do I solve the problem ?


Upload the files like script.js into js inside assets inside the folder it should be in.


I did that.
Hence me asking why I get the error and what the solution is.

Is it a 000webhost issue ? because on my local host everything works.


Well no?
Its a 404 file not found issue as I said and the error page clearly shows?

Is not uploaded and is 404 erroring in Console

The same for

And all the other errors.

#8 folder is empty???


For some reason the folder was empty.

I have uploaded the files before, tried to upload again.

It shows me Error -1 - Bridge response error. Please try again later. when I try to upload


Try using FileZilla or FTP client.


All sorted,

Thank you for your swift response.

I appreciate it.

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