Jeremy help request

Good day.
I have installed WordPress and have chosen and installed a theme. I have also parked my domain and am able to enter my WordPress dashboard from my wordpress login area. I am eager to build it and will upgrade my account in future.

However, it’s been a few days now but my website can still not be seen when I click the link to view it online.

Please help.

Try changing theme back to something else as it looks like a theme issue.

Thanks for the advice. I have tried this: l have installed a new theme and added a header image and typed some text to my homepage and then published it to view the changes but the site is still not available to view live online.

I’ve used File Manager wp-content > plugins and renamed this folder which has disabled all plugins but restored access to your site.
Try renaming back to plugins and then using wp-admin to remove the newest plugin you installed or just delete it directly from inside plugins folder.
You’ll need to re-set your theme too.