Just to check if the problem from my side (Mysql gone away)


yes that’s right, everything was fine like a hour ago


What are your sites?


My site is in beta version am building it, and i have this problem of database connection


https://usthb.000webhostapp.com after I log on all the data are gone ( I get my data from mysql database.)


Can you guys post any examples of the errors?

Screenshots etc?

Are you using the correct database name, username and password and hostname being localhost;

Try using a lower version of php version changeable in your 000webhost.com settings, general panel.


https://usthb.000webhostapp.com try this, it should show some data of mysql database but it show some errors

yes database name pwd are correct, actualy everything was good didn’t made any changes, only like about some minutes ago


Does this make any difference?


sadly not, if I change the PHP version it’s only change the kind of errors.


Infinity, i didnt change anything in my php code i was working on css files i ve got twice a 403 message error and after that i cannot connect to my database anymore, i have this message


Like i see every body is posting for the same problem so it is a general problem !


The error 2006 gone away generally appears when you are trying to do an operation that is too big/ too long and it times out or drops the connection; else it can happen when there are too many concurrent database connections/ too many users. Sometimes you will just have to wait it out ; else if it keeps happening it might be your script is too database intensive and the limits in place on free hosting are limiting it too much so you’ll need to find another host or upgrade to premium which has no limits.


Everybody? Out of millions of users a few threads… hardly everybody - I am having no issues.


Got the same error 20 minutes ago with IPS installing :smiley:


Hopefully a licensed IPS board else your account will be terminated.

Plus IPS is a very intensive forum board which to me isn’t suited for free hosting so no wonder you get database errors.


If the problem will percist you will see a millions of threads about this problem :stuck_out_tongue: because not avery one use the free webhost write here.


If they encounter errors it would be up to them to submit their queries here to be resolved; if they don’t then that is up to them.


It cannot be an operation that is too big/ too long and it times out or drops the connection because i have a table with only 2 entries, and it worked all the time until today, so i can confirm to you that the problem is not in my code, especially when many webmasters posted about this.


Okay well it can be there are too many users? So wait it out, get other hosting or upgrade to premium.


now i sart getting this message bellow, any explanation please ?


Not a clue where are you getting it?

Could be staff are preforming operations/maintenance to the FTP/File Manager which is relation is connected to the file server containing your files and so to prevent issues while performing a fix they limit the access to your files until they’ve finished to prevent any errors.