Kate cloudflare nameserver question

Please help me, I read a lot of tutorials, but not understand, what i did wrong.
I bought domen and wanted point doman name to webhost.
I changed server name in hostinger
I parked domain in webhost
than I changed domain name via data base php my admin
than I wanted took SLL via cloudflare
but when i change server name cloudflare in registrator my site was’t work. And now i can’t go to my site natalykion.com, i can go just to www.natalykion.com and google chrome said a lot of links and i can’t understand my mistake.
Thanks a lot!!!

So if you want CloudFlare you need to point your domain to CloudFlare nameservers NOT 000webhost ns01 ns02 :slight_smile:

when i did this i saw

Currently your domain appears to be pointing to our hosting.

If you want HTTPS on your custom domain then you need to point your domain to CloudFlare given nameservers

And why i can’t open site without www

On CloudFlare you only need TWO records to setup with 000webhost without email.

WWW is one record

@ is the second record

Both CNAME records

Both pointing to your 000webhostapp address.

yes, becouse i deleted server name of clouds in registrator after waiting 2 days

Can’t really go wrong if you follow the tutorial.

  1. Add domain to CloudFlare
  2. Use your registrar to set your domain to point to CloudFlare
  3. Ensure TWO CNAME records are in the DNS tab at CloudFlare with grey clouds
  4. Add to 000webhost via POINT option
  5. Once added turn the clouds orange
  6. update scripts installed to use custom domain / HTTPS

Step 6 Updating your WordPress URL from yoursite.000webhostapp.com to a custom domain via DATABASE

I can’t do it image

Delete AAAA and A

Then add your CNAME values

can you tell me about this? Where i need to do via POINT? In registrator?

If you purchased your domain via Hostinger then yes login to domain registrar being Hostinger and update your nameservers to the ones provided by CloudFlare

I did from 4 to 6, but i can’t open natalykion.com, just with www . And a don’t see https in chrome?
“DNS is not instant it can take up to 48 hours for your custom domain to being using SSL/HTTPS with CloudFlare :slight_smile:

I need to wait?

Plus in cloudflare i see this image and now i can’t open my site in chrome

Go to 000webhost.com and add your domain