Keep getting Connection Timed Out error


I am getting my website with an error Connection Timed out probably once every 20 minutes and it seems to be running slow. What am I missing here? I have the WooCommerce plugin activated with a few other minor plugins. I don’t know what is bogging it down but would like for someone to take a look and see what could be causing this problem. This happens both on the front and back end.

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Hi @Mattw11486!

Your website times out because your DB has exceeded max_queries_per_hour resource. For more information please read this topic:


Thanks for the response. How do I resolve this? I have the woocommerce and all of its plugins installed and that is it. What can I uninstall to make this load faster?


For the moment, your only choice is to wait 1 hour so that counter resets.

After that, try to disable some plugins. Woocommerce in general consumes a lot of resources because it performs many queries to the database.

I strongly advise you to buy a premium plan if you want to keep the website with current configuration…