Language flags wont display corectly



I builded up a website with two languages (Romanian & English) everything is ok except the images of the flag buttons. The buttons are in their places, they work well, but the flags don’t display.

Please help,


Are you using a CMS and what’s your website URL by the way?


I use a simple template from the website builder. I don’t know exactly what’s behind. I just played around with the builder. The website is .


Well, I have checked your website and I see the flags are showing. Check the screenshot below.


Thanks; I’ve got home and I saw they work’s fine on my home computer. On my office computer and my phone still don’t display. Have no idea where to start looking.



CTRL + F5 maybe to force cache refresh on work / phone?


The work computer and my phone was the first devices which I tested the website (before placing the language flags) and the only devices which does not display them.

So the cache refresh solved the problem on the both.

Thanks again to everybody.