Laravel Application error

I’m use Laravel 7.24 in this site.


My .htaccess, located in public_html:

My session.php:

File Upload ScreenShot:

Already tried:
1. .htaccess - remove MultiViews from
<IfModule mod_negotiation.c>
Options -MultiViews-Indexes

Now it looks:
<IfModule mod_negotiation.c>
Options -Indexes

2. Set:
‘secure’ => env(‘SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE’, true),
‘same_site’ => ‘none’,

3. I looked for same issue on the forum, but did not find it.
Or laravel can be considered application?

How i upload the files:
I added all files in zip, uploaded to manage and unpuck it. Exception node_modules.

I’m often use translater, so please sorry for my english.
If u wish to help me, i will be happy. I think i don’t have enough experience to solve this error.

We don’t provide support for scripts or plugins, try troubleshooting using Laravel support forums or
You could toggle PHP versions on 000webhost to see if there is any difference.


I’ve enabled debugging on your site, you’ll have to troubleshoot using the forums above.

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