Laravel project error 403

Hello community.

I followed the tutorial on how to host a laravel project that was posted on the forum, but even so when I try to access my website I get a 403 Forbidden.


I am a newbie on site deployment and I don’t have any idea on how to solve the problem.

Hi there, sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I don’t know anything about laravel, but I noticed your topic had gone unanswered. I’m referring this to @teodor, he knows much more about the subject.

I did notice that trying to view your website throws a 500 error, which means that your site and database may not be configured properly. Maybe try checking your database login information, or resetting your website and starting over according to that tutorial! Teodor will have an answer for you soon.


Hey did you solve your issue? Let us know how you did it! :slight_smile:

Hi! Problem was that /public_html/.htaccess was configured incorrectly. I’ve fixed this issue and everything loads good now.

We advise you to not modify the stock .htaccess and web.config files from public Laravel folder as they come preconfigured with the framework.

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