Laravel setting up


Good day and before i begin please dont just assume i didnt read other posts on this problem as i’ve gone as far as the 3rd page of google, did step by step many tutorials which seem outdated and my last try is gonna be here, begging for someone to find a mistake in my routine and where im wrong on simply uploading a project on a web host.

So i tried both ways, first being leaving laravel files out of the public_html(only public files in it) and it gave me the 500 error currently unable to handle this request. So then i tried putting it all inside public_html and changing some routes in index.php and it also gave me the same error.

So please, if anyone has will to explain me step my step, as if im mentally challanged, where to click and what to do i’d be much much much grateful.

Thankful in advance


Hi @dhvp!

Our customers have been experiencing issues with Laravel in the past. I am afraid there isn’t an official tutorial about this. Your only choice is to:

  1. Set up laravel using Composer locally on your PC
  2. Upload the generated code into 000webhost
  3. If any issues occur, add php_value display_errors 1 to /public_html/.htaccess and diagnose the error.


hi thanks for the reply,i did that but are the errors displayed on the page or in the log files? i get nothing but the 500 code error on the page


can you screenshot your .htaceess file


hi, .htaccess looks like this


what is your website url?



As i see there is no index file then where is it showing errors?


currently my whole project is in the public_html so the index.php is at the /public directory cause i was testing something out, its the same as if they are outside.


Copy your .htaccess file to public/ folder


i just did and it gives the same result


Then i think you have to install it again


so here’s how i have been doing this for the last 3 times and see if i did anything wrong.

So my project works on localhost ofcourse, so i upload all of my files and folders in the “/” root directory and copy content of my public to the public_html, right? Litterally when i just do that it gives me the result you are given on the page. I’ve then tried copying all of my stuff into public_html and as you can see it gives the same result.

A friend said that he got it working by putting all of the stuff in public_html and then adding in the .htaccesimage
I’ve tried that also but then i get the text on my page saying that 500 code error happened.

I’ve litterally tried everything and i’ve got no clue where im goin wrong.


your website works?
can you please help me? I tried everything I had a 403 forbidden error
how did you proceed


Hi @tsalim13!

You need to change /public to /public_html

Rename it, then check this thread on how to update the Laravel system to recognize the new public path.


I tried everything, but it does not work a blank page appears


What is the website under which you are experiencing the issue?



Hi @laraquiz!

Your site is currently empty. If you want to deploy your Laravel project into 000webhost please follow this tutorial: