Laravel sites down?

Hello all,

Currently I have a few laravel sites up on 000webhost using the free plan. They were working fine the first few months and I’m able to visit them. However, just recently it seems that they are all down. I get the message ‘Whoops something went wrong here’ and an ‘Error’ in the tab. I didn’t touch the files from when the site was up until now. I wonder what’s the cause of this? On a side note, my WordPress sites (also hosted on 000webhost free plan) is working fine. I hope i can get this problem sorted out since my portfolio is on there and I need it up for job prospects. Thanks

I will get in touch with the developers to see what’s wrong :slight_smile:

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Any luck? Really need them up badly

Hi @Fahmiin!

What are the URLs of your Laravel sites?
Idk if it’s from my files or 000webhost. But it works fine before and I didn’t modify anything, it just went into error mode. Please help me fix it as soon as you can, thanks

  1. For you had to specify the APP_KEY and the database credentials. I fixed the APP_KEY but you’ll need to provide the correct database credentials in /config/database.php at mysql vector.

  2. is not hosted by us.

Where can I find and specify this APP_KEY? I have reset the website and redid the whole process and it’s still giving me an error on The normal steps worked few months before, why did it change without notice?

Please follow this tutorial to deploy your project into 000webhost:

For any other questions please check the FAQ section or reply to that topic.