Limitation for number of checkboxes in a form?



I have a problem with my webpage:

It is a search form, i.e. the user inserts data and checks ckeckboxes, then hits the button to submit the search and gets a list of results.
It works fine on my local test system, but the same webpage on 000webhost does not submit the search under certain circumstances.
It does submit the search when using Internet Explorer or when the user leaves the tabs “Vorkommen” and “Systematik” closed.
However, when one of these tabs is open, the search button no longer reacts when using Firefox.
Is this due to a limitation or is there any other explanation for this?

Thank you, Fabian

P.S.: Except for this problem, I am positively impressed by 000webhost so far!


We have no limitations on that.
Did you try chrome?


Thank you for your reply.
I installed Chrome and tested some more.
It works fine in my local test system with all three browsers.
It works fine in Internet Explorer on
However, both Chrome and Firefox don’t reliably let me execute my script.
When I open the tab “Vorkommen” alone, the script get executed.
When I open any other additional tab, the button that triggers my submit does not react.
When I open the “Systematik” tab, it works with Chrome, but not with Firefox.