Limitations on what HTML characters can flow onto the webpage?

I just began uploading my website on 000webhost but I was stopped cold and I am not sure that I will proceed.

I’ve had my web site hosted on a number of web hosting servers without problem over the last decade and I can view my “website” locally on my home computer with Chrome or IE or Firefox and it looks just fine. The problem that immediately popped up on 000webhost is that it does not seem to recognize some HTML characters. Two examples that have already appeared right out of the gate are the “e acute” (the e with an accent above it) which is eacute; in HTML and the fractions that fit into one cell. For example I use the fraction ½ in one cell as &fract12; in HTML. But in these cases, 000webhost does not flow the proper character onto the viewing screen. It replaces these characters with a funny black diamond with a question mark in the middle of it.

Does 000webhost have the ability to flow all HTML characters on a webpage like they should be?

Hello! Please add the following code to /public_html/.htaccess (create one if necessary)

AddDefaultCharset Off

Then fully refresh your webpage (CTRL+F5) and try again.

Bingo! That works! The HTML characters are back. Thanks!

We’re happy the issue has been solved :slight_smile:

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