Link 000webhost in CodeAnyWhere by FTP (Preview)


The problem is that it does not show the preview, it asks me for a route of the home directory, and then another one with the root directory, for this I understand that:

According to the details of my website:
Initial Directory: /storage/ssdX/XXX/XXXXXXX
Root directory: /public_html or public_html

The rest works correctly, there is only this problem, and I would like to solve it beforehand.
Thank you very much in advance :grinning:.


For home, leave it blank
For root, it’s public_html


Sorry, it’s Initial dir, i’m from spain, and i paste the traduction of google traductor :sweat_smile:


Leave it white :slight_smile:


Don’t works :worried:


Screenshots? :slight_smile:


Already :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean do you have screenshots?


Above :arrow_up::arrow_up:


Try public_html ? :slight_smile:
And remove root directory.


Doesn’t work :frowning:


Hey @Tarod

What is your FTP client?


It’s CodeAnywhere…


Works fine for me dude :slight_smile:


Yes, everything works fine, less the preview … (Read please):arrow_up:


It worked for me it opened my previewed document in a new window though


Doesn’t work for me :frowning:


Finally, everything works :slight_smile: , this is the configuration:
Initial dir: public_html or another dir inside public_html (my case)
Root dir: blank

Thanks a lot for your help :sweat_smile:.