Link to one page


I made one web site with zyro. It works well
I want to put one html page (made by me) and i want to access this page from my website.
I put the page by FTP in “public_html / schema / schema.htm”.
What is the html link to my page ?
I have tried " but it’s not correct


@sulliops @austin do you guys know?


Can you please share your website URL?


This is the URL :



I just checked your site, but I don’t see a folder named “schema”.


Thank you for your help
The folder is in qcm/schema
I have tried many links but none works…
I have tried with MAS1 too but it’s the same thing


The folder is working fine. :slight_smile: You were trying to access “schema”, but folders are case sensitive. When I capitalize the S, the folder works. :wink: