Linking a free domain to your 000webhost hosting [FREENOM]

Head over to and search for your unique website address.

Ensure to pick one that suits you best and you’ll be happy with - hit “Get it now!”

Once you’ve selected the domains you want head to checkout

Ensure to change the period to “12 Months @ FREE”

Ensure to select USE DNS now

Make sure to select “Use your own DNS” and not the first option which appears by default

Enter and and no IP addresses

You’ll now be taken to the checkout and ensure your domain appears correctly

Enter your email address and head to your inbox to verify the link

Once activated it may ask you to login

Now enter your personal details and save them

Your free domain should now appear!

Head to check it correctly saved 000webhost nameservers using “Manage Domain”

Make sure it lists just two nameservers both for

Now head over to

Once logged in hit “Set web address” and select you don’t mind branding

Select “Own Domain”

Type in your FreeNom domain you picked

“Domain has been parked” should appear if the nameservers resolved quickly

Find your domain in the list and it should display as the linked website, if it says “Ready” there is still work to do!

Click “Manage” then “Link Website”

Select your 000webhostapp URL to link the domain to

Again confirm your website is your 000webhostapp URL and the domain it will begin to use afterwards

Success! The domain is now linked to our free hosting application!

Hit Manage then “Set MX Record” if you would like to setup alternative email services such as GoogleMail or Zoho, if you leave it as default you can use free 000webhost email forwarding.


000webhost default:


How save are these free domains? What is the maxiumum traffic allowed ? or has this only to do with the hosting? I feel there are some downsides to free domains.

No there are no downsides and everything is same as other domains the only difference is that they are not TLD and they get slowly indexed by search engines


Thanks for clearing that up. Seems interesting.

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muchas gracias tu informacion me fue muy util de verdad ya solucione (Y)

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