Little review about free service


I moved my domain to 000 webhost about 1 year ago, from another paid hoster, that no longer gave free e-mail, not even with " catch all ", and I really wanted domain e-mail to work, so I moved here.

Since about 2 month, I’m trying to make some joomla website, maybe I can get some $ with google adsense or something, don’t want to get rich or anything, just to see how it works. And I really like web hosting!

The website itself is never DOWN and works nice, but when I start to work on it, adding articles and stuff, I feel that I need to optimize my joomla website more. So I really don’t know what plugins should I use and what not. Anyone here can maybe suggest me?

I know that it’s a free service, and provided " as is ", and for the mail functionality I’m really thankful, and I don’t recall having big problems on the other webhosts before.

I’m curios if staff work on improving free host service, or they focus mainly on paid ones. Even tho, free service dosen’t generate direct money, most of people that are able to make some website, and are satisfied with the way the service runs, it will recommend to a someone that want’s a website.

In my case for example, I had the same free whost on the other domain, and I had 4 friends that wanted some website, and they bought the webhost from there because I recommended them since I didn’t had any problems with the free service.

There is a saying that " you’re as good as the wickest link ", so in this case " you’re as good as you’re weekest service ", and I’m satisfied with the way 000 webhost works, even tho I personally don’t give you any $, it dosen’t mean I can’t recommend the webhost at some point.

That’s all, again, thanks for the service and for being free, I really like my domain e-mail, maybe in the future, you can do something to improve more free host with more new features, witch in my experience are already great (maybe others had different ones).

All the best, 000webhost I LOVE YOU!


I checked your site here - are you using the Scriptegrator plugin?


Yes I am using it


The documentation says it’s for joomla 2.5 which requires php5.3, the free servers are using php5.2


Hmm, didn’t catch that, I’ll disable it, see how it goes. Thanks


I ran a test on that website you specified, disabeling that scriptegator pluing and it’s dependencies, the result was:

" Your website is slower than 88% of all tested websites
11.09 sec load time, for 1mb "

Maybe… I have other plugins that slow the page load, but don’t know :slight_smile: for now I haven’t got any " server to busy " / “time out” errors. You know any free site, that has, arround 100-500 visitors on free host? I am curios to see how it loads.

Didn’t had to wait long for " The server is too busy at the moment.

Please reload this page few seconds later. " to pop out. This time I wasn’t even doing anything, just going back to homepage.


I just got this

What does mootools do? is it being used? It’s taking up alot of resources and according to this - it could be removed. Worth a try :wink:


and I just got this ->

don’t know … it’s strange


Another option might be to try uploading your site to another server, see if there is any performance improvement between the different servers. Some servers are slower than others. From my knowledge, 000webhost consists of 40+ servers and some of them do tend to get over-worked.

Additionally, disable all plugins and then enable them one at a time… running tests after each one is enabled to determine which plugin, if any, is causing issues.

Note: If, after performing adequate tests, you find that a specific server is in fact experiencing serious performance issues, it might be helpful to inform the admin via a Support Ticket as they may not be aware, and perhaps it can then be marked for some routine maintenance.


I disabeld a some more plugins, and it seems to work better now, but if this was the problem, honestly I’m not sure, if after 1 week of futher testing I’ll see that the most of the problem have gone away, then I’ll update the post, maybe is my foult.


Actually, I don’t need a week to see how is moving. So, after i disabled most of the plugins I had, some hours ago, I left it like that, now I wanted to work on it a bit… but it’s completely run as NEW! I’m sure the problem will solve itself after I throw out my joomla plugins.

I’m NOT considering going back to the previous host, if nothing changes. I’m sure that’s I can achieve better joomla performance here, I haven’t payed anything to anyone here, but it’s sad a little, beacause if you look at feauters, for paid version and for free one, they should both work in same manner, in theory, with 99% uptime, so I would like to get free dedicated livechat support aswell! :smiley: coz paid is 99,99% uptime :slight_smile: so yeah… that’s little sad. :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for the people who reply me here.


I just wanted to make reply for whoever cares to read. After quitting 000 free host services, as they were close to crap, I went back to my old webhost to test, but I wasn’t completly satisfied by that either, so I got back to 000webhost free webhosts, that I have only but good words to say. Thank you Hostinger company, offering free services from 2005, Cpanel on free version is kinda average, but still holds the important feauters, like mysql, domain, ftp.

So I started to work on my joomla website, and I was amazed how good this free service worked. No more " server busy " when working on joomla, or just by simply refreshing my site, no nasty pingdom logs, it just works. So for about a month, I’m very happy with this free webhost, and they have a payed “normal” service for 2$ a month, and some gold service that is about 5$/year.

I might eventually go to pay at least that 2$/month because they offer such a great free service, I feel bad for using it for free.

Anyway, happy to find a such a great free service, my experience here is great!



Being a naive dumbass I began a site in 2012 and didn’t check in until early this year. The sites I put up are only Christmas Greetings and what happened in the year with family. The kind 000 guys did not penalize me and I am up with this year’s site. I will check in more regularly to see what’s going on.
Thanks 000.guys.


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There may soon be a direct .au domain without the or the .com


There are infact many free service provider and I remember using it for my first blog way back in 2009, but honestly speaking you will always find the difference between free and paid hosting services (although 000webhost works better than most of them) in terms of the features and the user convenience.


Yes 100% true, best service ever. Thank you guys.