Loading.... Website not loading 90% of time


I know 000webhost is a great platform with nice features but my site www.blog360.gq
has been mostly down nowadays no server response i think, it keeps on showing loading!
website status is runing but website not responding mostly
some times only it load most of times it won’t!

please help!


Have you established beyond doubt that the problem is the server and not your code? I just tried my site, and it loaded in a couple of seconds.


Hi can you try the repair button in general tab of manage website. It will resolve any issue related to 000webhost. And then try loading your website again.


i have tried repairing but no positive result…
my wordpress website is good the problem is with the host i think http://www.blog360.gq/
check it neither showing any error nor loading too


Your readers are not convinced :smile:

I don’t have an axe to grind to defend 000webhost - maybe it really is slow. But you’re running WordPress, which is slow at the best of times, and you’ve not done any profiling that would rule out code problems.

I suggest you create a new file index2.html at the root of your WP site, put some simple HTML in it, and then see how quick it is to load. Try a PHP file too, see how quick that is to load. Finally, if you can, write some PHP to load some data from the database, to see how quick that is.

I wonder if you have some plugins or themes that are doing too much work - hundreds or even thousands of database ops per page request is unfortunately not surprising with some WP installations. You need to ensure that is not happening to you.


The problem can high resource using plugins. Try to deactivate all plugins grom file manager and try again.

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