Logged-In or Not Logged-in?


When I try to download my files, It wont work - I’m apparently not logged-in. If I’m not logged in, why am I able to upload my files and make changes to them.


Good day!

Please fully log out, clear your browser cache and try again.

If the issue persists, please post screenshots with it and describe it further.

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You’ve a topic open here, I’ll report your issue to developers also


Seems to be working fine for me, have you tried alternative browser?


I logged out, cleared the cache and the I was able to do some downloads but then the problem came back. It wont do the download and it tells me I am not logged in. Well, if I’m not logged in, why I am I able to do things with/on my files? Does it mean that others who are not logged in can access my files? Something is wrong here.
As for trying another browser, I don’t see why I need to try other software on different days at different times, etc. A webhost either works or it doesn’t.


As I cannot replicate the issue you are having…

My browser downloads the files fine and keeps me on the File Manager without errors.

If you are in the file manager for more than 30 seconds then I would suspect this is the reason for the error.

If you are making downloads it is best to use an FTP client which connects, downloads and disconnects.
The File Manager will disconnect you frequently and it has been a reported issue for a while now but it is not a priority as users can use FTP client to solve it currently.




Thank you and am looking forward to webhost resolving this problem.
I will turn to FTP in the meantime.

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