Login problem with my website

In my website https://deepakhost.000webhostapp.com/login I having a login problem.
The website is working properly on the localhost in my computer but in the 000webhost it’s not getting logged in.
What’s the problem? Please suggest something.

Not sure looks like a custom script, ask the developer who made it for you?

Seems to log me in?

No, sir the website is working perfectly on the localhost but not on online with 000webhost, that is what I said above.

So what is supposed to happen?

This is screenshot of the localhost login…

Not sure but I think there is no problem with the developers.

Try general settings under 000webhost.com > set php version to what you use locally.

It’s already same i.e 7.0

Sir, did you find any help?

Since it is a script someone has developed I can’t really assist try your developer?