Long time for migration


I have migrated my subdomain [stefanovich.dironweb.com] to new member`s area [dironwebcom.000webhostapp.com] two days ago and deleted my old profile. But DNS still remains pointed to old area IP ( and my site cannot be displayed.

Is this OK for 2 days and how long is necessary to wait typically?
Thank you for your time


We don’t use IP addresses anymore, use the tutorial below


Thank you for reply. But the problem with my subdomain is another, not with IP only, I created account in new area, parked domain and linked subdomain - stefanovich.dironweb.com. My site is available as dironwebcom.000webhostapp.com now (all files were uploaded via FTP). But it not available for 2 days under my subdomains name because 000Webhost's nameservers still pointed it to old area. I deleted my profile in old area yet and have only new one, So Id like to ask you how long I have to wait for DNS record change in 000Webhost nameservers?


I see the problem. You are trying to use a subdomain, but you cannot use name servers on a subdomain. You need to use the CNAME method in the tutorial linked above.


I parked dironweb.com domain and linked subdomain as can be viewed on screenshot from new control panel. Is this correct or not?
As I understand for CNAME method I have to edit CNAME record for my subdomain. Where may I do it?
I use your nameservers for it:


Your website was still available on old panel, that is why your domain was pointing to old website.

Now it is solved

dig +trace stefanovich.dironweb.com

dironweb.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns01.000webhost.com.
dironweb.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns02.000webhost.com.
;; Received 123 bytes from in 34 ms

stefanovich.dironweb.com. 3600	IN	CNAME	dironwebcom.000webhostapp.com.


Thank you for help, I don`t understand how my site could be saved in old panel, because of I remember my profile was empty without any sites. OK, now I have to wait some time for DNS records update