Looking for help building a website


I am trying to build a web page that will double as a tool for the online game I play the code and evey thing for the tool is already released I am just have a hard time setting it up since all the instruction on how to do so are if you were setting it up in a Linux server. This link will take you too the Torchwood Archives for the tool which is the best installation guide i was able to find. Any help would greatly appreciated.


I tried to follow the tutorial but it seems a bit iffy.

I got stuck with “Import latest static data dump” I downloaded a large MySQL file which I was unable to import onto 000webhost due to the limits in place.


It seems your script might outdo the resources available here :frowning:


From what i could see you doubled up several files in the data that would be causing you issues and that the “YAML_data_dump” info was missing. The page/app runs on just plain-old structural PHP. I found a different set up guide that might help clear some issues up but from all the data i can fin this should fall well inside the limits of a website with you the total data in the database and all for should only be 250mb’s
http://myevecorner.blogspot.ca/2016/07/eveonline-upgrading-lmeve.html it goes over how to up date the information if its already running figured it might help sort some issues out for since you said you under stood the directions.
The site I’m trying to set up is for my Corp/Guild on my online game I play Eve Online Lmeve par is just a part if I can get this set up and working properly I will be able tell other player of one of the largest online gaming community that was able to set it up which would most like bring a lot more players to set up the corp pages with you. I know I’m out of date on the type of programing/setting the app as it more actually referred to using but I trying to learn the parts i’m missing.


I did find this also that was written about using redhat to set it up on that might help sort a few things out it is a bit out of date on a few thing since it put in 2015 but the base line instructions still apply. http://ceo.starexplorers.net/blog/running-lmeve-on-redhat-openshift