Losed account due inactivity

I posted this in Spanish forum too, but need fast answers so I will post here too

I´m studying and used 000webhost last year for my class proyects.
Now I have to repeat but when tried to access my old account it says it got deleted due to inactivity

I understand I can´t recover that account and all I did on it cause this is a free hosting, so I created a new account with the exactly same email, but if I try to re-create the same domain I had, the web says domain already exists, but it´s just a white page saying the web was deleted by me (???).

Is there any way to be abble to get that domain to my new account? I know I will not recover the web archives, etc. but at least it would make me faster to re-do all the job cause the teacher already has THAT domain so if I can recover it I wouldn´t have to create and send him a new one

Sadly the domain cannot be reused unfortunately.

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