Mail doesn't work at all


I used to run for a few years up until its shutdown on May 1, and used an e-mail address on that server as my primary one. However, I can no longer receive any incoming mail to it unless it’s from myself. The last e-mail it says I received is from October 2016. People I’ve talked to about this say that e-mail sent to that address bounces back (a screenshot of one of the bounce messages gave the error “The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect [ timed out]”). Outgoing mail doesn’t appear to send either (I sent a test message to a different account a few minutes ago but haven’t received it). Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be fixed? I need to reset expired passwords on other sites but can’t unless 000’s mailserver starts working again. Thanks!


Do you use mail() function or SMTP ?


I use SMTP, using Roundcube Webmail on my cPanel and through both Android and iOS Mail.


There is no longer incoming mail on the free plan, not even with any code. The new panel has this feature disabled because of spammers. However, you can park a domain and use email forwarders, or upgrade to premium where there is incoming mail.

As far as outgoing mail works, you can only use PHP mail().


Hi @WindozeNT!

From your website address I assume you are still using the old cPanel.

The old cPanel is discontinued. You should migrate to the new one and set up a mail forwarder from there, or use something else with MX records.

Please follow this tutorial to migrate:


I just migrated to the new cPanel, but trying to park results in the error “This subdomain is already in use”.


Did you sign up with the same email as on the old panel? If not, it will not transfer. Did you also follow the tutorial completely?

Can you post your old panel email and the new panel email (only if it is different)?


Yes, I did. E-mail is the same since I transferred the account and deleted the old cPanel through the URL provided on the tutorial.


That’s odd. I sent a message off to an admin about this so I’ll give you a response when I have one.


It’s still not letting me park the old domain. Would the Free Subdomain option work and allow e-mail forwarding or does it specifically need to be parked?


@WindozeNT [quote=“WindozeNT, post:6, topic:71365”]
This is free sub domain, you can’t park it. You have to link it.

GO to “Set Web Address” – “Add domain” – “Free Subdomain”.

But for Email forwarding you need an custom domain.
So go to and grab a free domain and park it using nameservers.
After this you’ll be able to use Email forwarding feature. :slight_smile:

Any issues feel free to ask.


Will this allow me to forward e-mails addressed to

#13” is a free subdomain not a custom domain.
so you can’t set up email forwrding until you have custom domain (eg like:-“”).
Get a custom free custom domain like:-“” from and then park it using name servers.
Then you’ll be able to use “”.

Is this what you want??


No, I am looking for a way to temporarily use my old e-mail address. For the past few years I have used that address to sign up on different sites and services. One of them, Dropbox, has expired my password and will only allow me to reset it through a link sent to the address registered to the account, which is my address. According to their help pages, if I lose access my e-mail address, they are unable to change it and I will be permanently locked out of my Dropbox account. I need to be able to use my old address long enough to reset my Dropbox password and update the e-mail addresses for all of my accounts to use a GMail address. I really don’t want to lose access to any of my accounts. I didn’t even know 000 dropped support for e-mail until just recently.


Sry but you can’t set up using your free subdomain. :sweat: