Mail doesn't work


My mail doesn’t work anymore and I read in other topics that I should use ImprovMX now
But that doesn’t work, and I don’t know what to do now.
Please help!

Good day!

What is the domain to which ImprovMX is linked?

it is

What issues do you get when using ImprovMX
When you login to their panel are there any messages?

Cannot log in at all

This is what I get:

Awesome, almost there!

Now, add a DNS entry to

PREFIX ef7baa59._improvmx
VALUE ef7baa5935264a919640ddbf8c366029

But I don’t know where I should add that

At your domain registrar, seems like they’ve changed the setup for additional security

I believe you can’t use ImprovMX with us now that they require TXT records.

Free plans allow you only limited DNS zone management, and control over TXT records is available only on paid plans.

Ok, thank you for your answer

Perhaps registering to their site again with a different email will allow you to use their services without asking you for TXT records.

Revert to DNS management failing that where you can have full DNS control set an MX and TXT record and have fully functioning mail.
Just need to likely forward your domain instead as the option to point or park has been removed.


Antoine from ImprovMX here.

I just want to mention that the TXT record method is just an alternative way that we use to let people re-verify domain ownership if the domain was already added to ImprovMX in the past. If you are a new user, you could simply create a new account and change your MX entries. I’m unfamiliar with 000webhost though, so that might not apply.

Let me know if that can help!
Antoine from


Thank you so much for the post!
I’ll test it out later I’m unsure where the difficulty is coming from :slight_smile:

Our free plan users HAD the option in the past to set an MX record here, we no longer offer a domain feature.

So free users are reverting to using their domain registrar DNS Management to set an MX record there to use ImprovMX :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the clarification!

We’re happy to help with the transition if this is causing issues. Email us at for questions, we usually answer within a few hours.


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