Mail forward not working


We will re-enable the mail() function as soon as we find a solution to the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning:


@Supun I meant costing my business though correspondence and losing jobs due to not being able to reply…

I have now upgraded to Hostinger and have all my email back, APART from the aforementioned account mentioned both above and below:

"I now have an issue that because you turned the email function off one of my accounts received a bounce back email stating account closed notification and now when I try to log in it does not recognise my account to send me authorisation emails or anything.
This now means that I can never access that account and the data that is held on it.

What will 000webhost do to resolve this and why was there no advance warning so that users could temporarily change nameservers?"

What can be done about this issue?


What’s the associated email with your account?


@ckhawand the e-mail is
It used to be with 000webhost since 2010/2011 until the 4th December; however now it is with Hostinger.


This email does not exist here :slight_smile:


@ckhawand That’s a bit of a get out…in the conversation 6 hours eariler @Supun told me to upgrade so I did.


@ckhawand also since I switched I got my emails back but not from the aforementioned account that received a bounce back email stating an account closed notification from 000webhost yourselves.


@ckhawand apologies but I may have misread your original message.

The email address listed above is my email that I had pointed through 000webhosts servers and the one that I cannot receive emails on.

The user account that I hold with 000webhost is through

Which one did you want?


Yes, i see your account.

Admins are aware of the Mail forwarding issue, and will be solved soon.

If i’m missing something, let me know.


@akhilkumar332 Thank you for this. So when the mail functionality issue is resolved, if I set my DNS settings back to 000webhost as that is all I have changed will everything return to normal?

What about the third party who received a bounce back email from and now I cannot receive emails from even though it is now active though Hostinger? Will their access come through again?

Many Thanks in Advance


Yes, but make sure that you’ve mail forwarder present pointing towards your hotmail or any other trusted mail services.

It should solve once everything is set correctly.

Is it mail forwarder or you’ve cretaed an email account?


@akhilkumar332 Perfect. Thank you again. Do you know when it will be fixed by?

I used to have an actual email account when you allowed them and it has stayed active until December 4th.
My email address was and emails used to get sent directly to it without any forwarding.

I have no experience with forwarding so if my email needed to be forwarded on 000webhost and I sent it from to would it work and if so how would the original email be active (I.e if it was active why would I need a forwarder rather than leaving it as it was and having them delivered to

Once again thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Not sure. :sweat:

I’m bit confused here, i guess you’re talking about the old deprecated panel right?, because we never provided email account services on the new panel,
or are you talking about the hostinger panel?


@akhilkumar332 Thank you for your candour it is appreciated.

I am talking about the old panel yes. Even though you stopped the email account services on the new panel I was still receiving emails until they were disabled on the 4th December.

If the email account services are not coming back I guess I’ll have to stay with Hostinger but that still means I am not receiving the emails from one of my accounts that I need access into.


If you want to use email account services with 000webhost, then i suggest use Zoho Mail Services, which is free and better that Mail Forwarding.


Like o-hudson I used to get my emails directly without any forwarding for my 2 email accounts. Now I too have upgraded to hostinger and pointed my nameservers to hostinger. When your email services are resumed how will I get across my emails since Dec 4th?


We are working on a fix for the mail() function now and will have it fixed soon. We’ll let everyone know here on the 000webhost forum. :slight_smile:


Hello, I got the same problem :confused:


@o-hudson @chimichanga @nonmercimusic
Mail Forwarding issue is fixed, Try now and let us know if you face any issue. :slight_smile:


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