Mail forward not working


@akhilkumar332 Thank you for your candour it is appreciated.

I am talking about the old panel yes. Even though you stopped the email account services on the new panel I was still receiving emails until they were disabled on the 4th December.

If the email account services are not coming back I guess I’ll have to stay with Hostinger but that still means I am not receiving the emails from one of my accounts that I need access into.


If you want to use email account services with 000webhost, then i suggest use Zoho Mail Services, which is free and better that Mail Forwarding.


Like o-hudson I used to get my emails directly without any forwarding for my 2 email accounts. Now I too have upgraded to hostinger and pointed my nameservers to hostinger. When your email services are resumed how will I get across my emails since Dec 4th?


We are working on a fix for the mail() function now and will have it fixed soon. We’ll let everyone know here on the 000webhost forum. :slight_smile:


Hello, I got the same problem :confused:


@o-hudson @chimichanga @nonmercimusic
Mail Forwarding issue is fixed, Try now and let us know if you face any issue. :slight_smile:


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