Mail() function take time to sent?

First of all I’m on a free hosting so that might the case or it didnt sent at all.
The thing that I already do is :
I enable the send mail function in the cpanel.
My sending email quota is at 0%.
Change my php version from 7 to 5.5 but it still not work (or maybe it take some time to sent)
Done my research on this topic but most of it are outdated (2018~2008) I afraid a lot change through that time

My URL : (it still ugly since Im trying to solve this problem first before proceed)

Here my coding for the mail() function.

$to = $_POST[‘email’];
$message = “Thank you.”;
$message .= $_POST[‘name’];
$message .=" for your registration on the following webinar program : “;
$message .= $_POST[‘webinar’];
$message .= " for RM80. Please make sure to attend according to the time and date provided in the website. Please also bring this receipt as a proof of your payment. Thank you.”;

$retval =  mail($to, $subject, $message);

if($retval == true){
echo “

Email Sent Successful…”;

It like sending a thank you email to the person who donate. Pretty easy and straight forward. The website does display the “email sent successful”.

I check in every inbox (including spam and all inbox). Try Gmail (not worked), yahoo mail (didnt received the email yet, assume it take 1 day for it to be sent)

Want to know if it have something to do from 000webhost side or Gmail side

Basically free abusive previous users have ruined the mailing servers reputation.
We can only suggest you use SMTP method or upgrade or use alternative hosting.

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