Mail not working anymore


Hello everyone, I kindly ask you to solve a problem related to the email.
On my 000webhost space I loaded a script that when called from my mobile phone sent an email to the address set by me. This worked until a few months ago. unfortunately I have not followed my test for a long time and today I see that it does not work anymore. I see the answer code is 200 so the email should be sent but unfortunately it is not. Thank you


Hi @bender10101!

First make sure you have not exceeded the mailing quota (max 50 emails/day) :slight_smile:


Thanks Theodor, absolutely not, yesterday was 11 just for the test, but no one was arrived!


I have forwarded this issue to our developers.


Thanks Teodor, I need help, I think could be really easy to fix it but I don’t have Idea, I hope somebody will help me soon :slight_smile:


Please help me I don’t know what I have to do! I’m waiting the developers help!


The ticket is open. It is a matter of time until they fix it.

Meanwhile create another temporary website and send emails from it instead.


I think I have the same problem. Got a php script that calls mail() to send a message and the return code indicates it’s been sent but it never arrives.
I’ve tried toggling the sendmail option in the control panel and doing a repair but still the same.


Checked it isn’t in spam?


I hope it’s not been classed as spam. It’s just a short message generated from a contact form.
Message body contains the following:
Time sent: 2018-06-23 08:19:20
Contact name:Bob
Contact email:A.valid@email.address
Contact telephone:
Contact mobile:
Comment: Test message


Are you sending any headers with it?


No, calling like this

mail(‘destination@email.address’, “Subject: Flight School enquiry Bob”, $message)


At one point I was sending a From header but removed that just in case it was causing the issue


I have only text, subject, email of sender and destination mail. Seems all ok with code 200 but mail is not sent and not received.
Could be something like Blacklist? The same text was sent without any problem some month ago. I hope we will find a solution. Thank you!!


We have notified the related devs.


At one point I was sending a From header but removed that just in case it was causing the issue

Don’t do that. Emails without headers are filtered by mailbox provider as spam and are discarded.

@bender10101 Please make sure you add headers to your email as well.


Thanks for the answers, please can you explain me better what do you mean for Headers?
Before the information you can see on the script there are the “$accesskey” and “$sender” variable (This last one is not a mail but just an information for example “No reply service”).
This script it’s linked with /PHPMailer-master/class.phpmailer.php’ just to be clear in all my information!
Thank you for your help and I hope in your answer!


Added back in the From header but still no mails getting through but the sendmail usage stat in the dashboard is going up


Let’s wait for the devs :slight_smile:


Please tell your application name and full procedure how to replicate it, we will test it. We tested with a simple PHP mail() function and it’s working as expected.