Mail received to migrate my website


I received a mail asking me to migrate my website, it is asked to do 4 steps as following; 1-Log in to members area; 2-Backup all your files via FTP; 3-Backup your databases via phpMyAdmin; 4-Backup email by pushing your emails to Gmail.

Can you help me please? How to do each step 2 and 3, what to click on, where to go, which file to open please? thank you for answering :slight_smile:


Check out this tutorial for help on migration.


thank you so much. But i still have a problem; i have a database but when i enter the phpMyAdmin i then have 0 tablets found in database. What should i do?


@Johnptj Can you post screenshot of it??


I want to configure the MX record in the new PANEL?
Before I used ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. and I do not know where to configure it.


You need to park your domain obviously first under set web address, then hit Manage on your domain and then SET MX RECORD.