Marcusus support


  • I have 1 account with 2 sites in free mode (no plan as of yet)
  • Since yesterday (june 20 to june 21) the website I’m working on is EXTREMLY slow : between 10 and 20s to load pages in editor mode (wp panel), nearly 10s to load the index page when viewing the site in preview mode
  • Today (june 22) when logging I got a full page saying that I’ve reach the max of my web site (2 pictures, no page… only the wp theme set by default with a few modifications (because of the slowness)
  • When trying to access the file manager, I got a login panel where NONE of the credential I’m able to provide works (when there was NO login page to access the file manager a week ago…)

So I’m wondering what the heck is going on… Obviously there were some upgrades (the ui has changed, in wp editor some pages have disappear (media page for example, becoming a ■■■■■ in the page footer)…

I reckon that I’m a free user for now but if the hoster guys think that such a poor service is going to motivate a plan upgrade, they’re just takig themselves for fools… above all with NO ‘contact us’ at all on any page !

Thanks I’ll notify developers of the slowness for which URL?

Community forum is the only contact us for the free users as it is a free service :slight_smile: