Max_input_vars more than 1000 fields


Today, I’ve been getting the following prompt upon accessing tables of my database. How could I go about configuring max_input_vars ?

“Warning: a form on this page has more than 1000 fields. On submission, some of the fields might be ignored, due to PHP’s max_input_vars configuration.”


Getting the same message since yesterday too… Can’t be a coincidence.


I’ll inform our admins, but, before, what are the websites in question? :slight_smile:

I’ve been having issues with my website since 8 AM EST today.



I only get the message if I try to edit something in one specific table (with phpmyadmin). (However I didn’t change anything to this table, and still received the message.) By this I can now only edit something in this specific table if I do it ‘inline’ so with all rows visible and not by clicking one row.


Issue reported to the devs :slight_smile:


Any news/explanation/solution yet?



have you installed phpMyAdmin on your website manually?


No, always been using the service at ‘manage database’ you provide.
Didn’t have any problems for about 2 months. Now I can only update rows ‘inline’ in that one table (which I didn’t change anything to until that warning appeared), order rows in that same table isn’t possible anymore (it redirects like I would like to insert/update a new row, but without any fields for inserting data showing).


What if you try to not edit them in line



I see this is a serious issue, can you post some screenshots of it?


@cocooncorpserver hey

I can see you have installed phpMyAdmin in your site. That’s not needed and it won’t work. Use to login to phpMyAdmin


I get this first screen if I open this one table (which has 49 columns).
But if I go the last page (shows only 13 instead of 25 rows), it doesn’t show the warning.

If I want to order on a column name, or click ‘edit’ to edit a row (so not an “inline edit” - which works), I get this second screen.

I didn’t change anything before the message came up. I deleted some columns afterwards, so there were even less fields than before I had this problem, but the problem remained.


Are there any field in that table that has more than 1000 character?


No, max 170 characters. (Has another table in this database which has fields with over 500, but there it doesn’t show the warning.)


What is you database name?




Any news/suggestions?


Waiting for the developers :slight_smile: