Menu overlapping Issue



My slider is close to top below my menu. In my menu I have a dropdown list. When this list is open the slider is overlapping my menu (see screenshot). Do anybody have an Idea what causes this problem?


Are you using the website builder?


Sorry for the late reply. No, I do not use Website builder.


Still waiting for the response.


What do you use? :slight_smile:


I am creating Website In Wordpress And using layerslider.
If you don’t understand my issue so you can see the problem yourself:


If you could set custom css, find the navbar’s id, and add the following code

z-index:999 !important;


Thanks For the reply. I will try this.


z-index:999 !important;

Tried it but it’s not working.:confounded:


Did you replace nav_id with the actual ID of the nav bar?


Yes i did that too but Nevertheless not working


What is your website please?