Messaging configuration with wordpress



I just created my space here and I have a problem configuring my mail with Wordpress. I would like to use my own email address but by performing some tests, the messages are sent from the Wordpress form but I do not receive any messages. Could you help me ?
Thank you in advance.

PS. I specify that for the moment I am registered in a Free account


You should make sure that you didn’t surpass 50 emails accidentally with your tests. That’s what happened to me earlier. If you did, then there’s no other way but to wait till tomorrow with your tests. :worried:


Are you able to use a SMTP script on the form?


I don’t know what you mean. You can send just simple text emails using that. No html emails

@ckhawand why did you edit my post? :expressionless: That’s mean of you.
and stop deleting the topics I create cuz they’re important. Like the one with Explaining Unclear Concepts. It is important to be known by any new user

Again the link to the PHP Mailer is … Just don’t overuse it.


I do not know because it is the form “contact form 7” of Wordpress and I do not see anything related to the use of a script.

The current configuration is as follows:


The messages leave but I do not receive them


I’m doing good and erasing that link because they’ll be spammers spamming your mail function…
Also we did not delete any topic you created.


Outgoing messages work on Wordpress but I do not receive them on my mail.


Did you check your spam inbox?



Normally the few tests I have carried out are not numerous and I do not think I have exceeded the quota of 50 messages


No there is nothing in the spam


Hmm that’s weird…
@NGiNX any idea??


Yeah you’re right about that. I didn’t think the thing with the mail() function through. Sorry for overreacting.
Thanx for doing a great job. :slight_smile:


No problem :blush:
Let’s just wait for @NGiNX to go online.
He’s the best with wordpress troubleshooting :wink:


Hi @sipcplus1957!

The fact that you don’t receive the emails can mean more things:

  1. Your provider has blocked 000webhost mailing nodes. What provider do you have?
  2. The node has been temporary closed when you were trying to send the e-mail, therefore the e-mail was not sent. (please try sending the e-mail again)
  3. Bad configuration… (less probable but still…)


Good evening,

My supplier is SFR


My supplier is SFR

I have no idea if your provider blocks our mailing nodes or not. You should ask them.

Btw, please configure your Wordpress temporary to send e-mails to my address: ca************* (I am not afraid of spams). Please send some test e-mails as well.


You are really very nice, I will immediately try your proposal


Please reply after sending the e-mails. If it will not work, I we may need to continue the investigation over private messages.


@sipcplus1957 yes, I have received your e-mail.


I just sent a mail with your address