Migrated WP Site, getting server 500 error


I’ve moved my existing wordpress site to 000webhost (zipped files, uploaded using file manager, then uncompressed) and also uploaded the database using phpMyAdmin.

I updated the db name and username in my wp-config.php to what was in my database manager page but I’m getting a server 500 error.

I renamed my plugin and themes folders to make sure there wasn’t an issue there. Still getting server 500 error.

I also tried removing my wp-config.php file altogether and go through the wp installer to create a new file. After entering my db creds I get stuck on page 2 of the installer saying that there’s an error connecting to the database.


Hey, I enabled debugging and it seemed to be some sort of wp-config issue, so I regenerated it for you and it seems to have solved it.


You might need to make another CloudFlare record possibly unless my DNS isn’t up to date yet.

Two records




Both pointing to your application URL.

Grey then orange after pointing on the panel is completed.