Migration cant back up my files?


Hi All, really sorry but no matter what I try I cant back up my files, the information doesn’t tell me how to do this ?

Please help This is in readiness for the Migration, why cant 000webhost just migrate my site for me

Many thanks



Hi Thanks but all of that made no sense to me at all

in the tutorial it just DOESNT explain how to do


Did you read the tutorial? He’s showing you step-by-step how to backup your files to a zip.


after trying to sign in I got this message
1.Log in to old members area
2.Backup all your files via FTP
3.Backup your databases via phpMyAdmin
4.Backup email by pushing your emails to Gmail
5.Create account in new members area and setup your website from backup
6.Still confused? Read migration tutorials in forum

I cant see how to " Create account in new members area "

It just shows my current website and zyro builder


@carl1234 Have you backup your data including database??


Can you screenshot please



I believe I have backed up my file to my laptop yes


Now follow the remaining migration tutorial to migrate to new panel.